ion beams and their applications

Ion Beams and their Applications

Ion beams come in many shapes and sizes; different source technologies…
SIMS showing Cr signal of M1.6 screw thread

ToF SIMS of Rough or Uneven Samples

A common problem faced by TOF SIMS analysis is loss of peak resolution…
3D SIMS overlay of a single Tetrahymena cell in water ice on a silicon substrate.

Depth Profiling in ToF-SIMS with the J105 SIMS

Depth profiling is a powerful technique in surface analysis for…
SIMS overlay image of rock surface

ToF-SIMS Analysis on Insulating Samples

Performing ToF-SIMS analysis on insulating samples can be particularly…


J105 SIMSIonoptika Ltd 2018


Below are a list of selected publications using Ionoptika equipment 2020 The…
J105 SIMSIonoptika Ltd 2018
C60-40 40kV C60 Ion Beam System
C60-20 C60 Ion Beam System
C60-10 C60 Ion Beam System
J105 SIMSIonoptika Ltd 2018