Cluster Beam ToF SIMS

The J105 SIMS is a state-of-the-art dynamic ToF-SIMS system which uses a DC primary beam in conjunction with a revolutionary time of flight analyser to create a new paradigm in imaging mass spectrometry. The use of DC primary ion beams allows for rapid imaging with continuous data acquisition (i.e. no separate etch cycle), whilst simultaneously delivering high spatial- and mass-resolution.


  • High Mass & Spatial Resolution Independent of Primary Beam
  • Choice of 4 Primary Beams
  • Reveal Molecular Signals up to 3,000 Da with Gas Cluster Beam SIMS
  • Depth Profiling with No “Etch-Only” Cycles.
  • Rapid, Continuous Acquisition
  • Cold Sample Handling
  • Glove-box for Air-Sensitive & Frozen Samples
  • Advanced Data Viewing Facility